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Me too. Checked the website right after the final, and ordered right away. There wasn't even the "Just a few left. Order soon." notification at the time. The annulment came yesterday, in wee morning hours.

I wonder if this means this is more a logistics problem that will be solved soon. Historically, commemorative items used to appear first in the US, with Europe to follow after a few weeks. Unfortunately, when I called the hotline, no one could tell me anything.

Awfully disappointed!
Cancelled mine too . Then I sent an email to TW Eu and Tennispoint to know if they are going to have them in stock ( no answer yet ) .
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If you guys haven’t got it yet, the ATC IV Cerise colorway for the AM90 has been out since yesterday. Women’s and not men’s so round your size 1 1/2 up. Ex: 10.5m=12w. Unfortunately, the biggest size is 12w so if you have feet that are bigger than 10.5m, I’m very sorry! Now, get them while it’s hot! Product number: CZ7937-100.
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Anywhere seen the volt Rafa shorts on discount yet? Only seen a few sites with them and no promo codes work. Thinking might just have to wait it out.


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In terms of Cage 4 don't worry about men's or women's sizes. I have a pair of the original colourway in women's and a pair of Rafa's Aus Open colourway and they fit exactly the same. A great pair of shoes, especially if you drag your foot on the court like I do.
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iam looking for this skeleton polo shirt in Small or medium size with the collar ( i only can find the crew version but not polo)

The retail version of this polo was a little different. It was a more traditional picque material with 2 buttons and the Nike court logo on the chest. I picked up both colors. I still see them pop up on eBay from time to time the product code for the black is AQ7729-133
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