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Size preference

  • True to size

    Votes: 91 48.4%
  • True to size runs snug, but feels fine

    Votes: 36 19.1%
  • Runs small, need to go .5 size up

    Votes: 42 22.3%
  • Runs big, need to go .5 size down

    Votes: 27 14.4%

  • Total voters
Joined Jul 12, 2013
Auctioning HTMs at Sotheby's? :lol:

The blue/green are my Flyknit grails. I haven't kept up with prices in like 2-3 years, but I doubt they're gonna fetch $3k+ even as the pair.
Yeah, the size 11s don’t seem very popular in general.
Joined Nov 9, 2014
Thoss HTM pairs go for like 800-1000 DS .. there was a facebook seller emptying his HTM collection a while back
Joined May 14, 2014
Resell is non existent at this point, I've been watching both for around 50 bucks plus shipping. I ended up getting my oreos for 40 shipped.
Joined Mar 1, 2013
I actually wear my Oreos to run in lol. I also like them for casual wear too. I wish Nike would release a performance FKR and FKT sequel. To me that’s a no brainer, same design aesthetic like an evolution.
Joined Dec 28, 2013
Sold my lucid green for $125 the other day but it’s true. Racers are dead and I’ve got multiples of Oreos (og) among others that I don’t care for. Ugh.
Joined Apr 17, 2005
Though the FKR and FKT hype has died, I think there still a handful cws for the FKR and FKTs that fetch close to retail...

- Cheetos
- Hyper Jade
- MC1
- Lucid Green
- Black/Red
- Black/Crimson
- OG Orange
- OG Volts
- Blue Glow FKTs

and a few others
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