OFFICIAL Niketalk Dreams Thread VOL: I am not crazy.

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I have been having some weird dreams lately and I know I can't be the only one. So I figured we should post the dreams and maybe we can interpret them.

Last night's dream was me surfing in Hawaii with a local smoke show jet skiing next to me feeding me coconut water. I then jet skied all the way to Oklahoma in time for the football game.
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There could only be one logical explanation.

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Too many dreams to write all of them down in full detail... Skimming over the ones I've had in the past couple weeks I can remember...

Night before last, I unleashed an ancient monster that I had apparently sealed along with a few others. It came in the three parts, and I unleashed one part to see how powerful it was and it wreaked havoc upon the city in the form of a Butterfree from Pokémon. I ended up sacrificing myself to save another person from it, and the monster yanked me by my leg into oblivion. I woke up with my ankle wrapped up in my covers, and I'd been yanking it continuously... !+#% hurt.

Night before that, I had a dream I was in my grandmother's house and my cousin was trying to get me to lend him my debit card so he could go pick up McDonalds. I end up at school somehow, and walking around a twilight of ponds and fields at night, and when I go back to school a lady tries to kick me out because she said I'd been sleeping there. Which I hadn't. And I wasn't going to leave until I got my McDonalds and my debit card back. I go to the cafeteria and a bunch of my old high school friends that I don't really have an opinion on are eating Burger King burger shots. I know that these have been paid for with my debit card. All of the burger shots have mustard, pickles, stuff I hate on them. I ask where my cousin is, he's behind them with a big bag of burger king. Lucky for him, he has my burger shots the way I like them-- only ketchup. Happy ending.

A week ago, I had a dream that I was trapped in my old high school, and I was a ninja. But I was actually a white friend of mine who loves Kung Fu movies, but apparently he had ninja powers. After dodging some shields and enchantments, I run to my old elementary school and it's a homeless shelter. I sneak in through a door that shouldn't have been open, steal some clothes, and start running to a residential part of town. I proceed to run diagonally across streets and yards, hopping over fences every few paces because I'm going ninja-speed. Looking for a place to change clothes in case I'm being traced, the dream ends somewhere around there.

I dream too much.
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I have an Encyclopedia of Dreams.
I'm about to psycho analyze you guys when I get home.
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Two Dreams

Dream 1
Seth Rollins/Damian Sandow/Mysterious NXT Type dude were wrestling in front of my house. Like in the middle of the street. Bomani Jones shows up and I said to him, while pointing to Seth, "Dude is aight." Bomani says, "Yea that is my baby." I looked at him like huh? Other than talking to some neighbors, I really don't remember anything else.
Dream 2
We drove to Chicago. I first remember us being on the Metro but we clearly weren't in DC or CHI at the time. We were riding over Rivers on the Metro. I knew it was a city train because it went through the city.

But yea, we somehow ended up in a car and we took a few minutes to get onto the freeway. Once that happened we were in CHI within a few minutes. So once we were there we went to some type of children's museum and I parked there. So we were walking and somehow me and Ultimo got kidnapped and ended up in some dude's house. He wouldn't let us go and just kept pointing his gun at us.

The thing is we knew dude. He might have been from around Deanwood. But he kept having internal battles with himself whether or not he should let us go. So he went to the basement to do something. While he was down there, this mail-lady opened his door and we ran out. We didn't know where we were going but we were trying to find my car. So we are running through yards and we were dodging these weird animals. One animal was a walking catfish. Imagine an animal with the skin of a seal/walrus. He had the face of a catfish without the whiskas. But he had legs like a regular car. So we here jumping over those but they didn't seem to be a real threat. He then ended up on this super steep hill but we couldn't run down without falling forward so we hit under a car. We didn't find my car so we ended up in my other man's car. Not sure where he came from.

So we get in the 2nd car, and we drive through this street. You know how black people like standing in the middle of the street and act like streets aren't supposed to be used for cars and just take their time standing/talking or doing whatever they do. But yea, no lie. This street probably went on for a mile and there were THOUSANDS of folks in the middle of the street. We were like, "I thought we just RAN from trouble. Now we are driving through it." So we were driving hoping we would find my car. But I knew my car wasn't on THIS street. So it was taking too long for us to get through because black people wouldn't move out of the street.

So we magically appear on a bus. It was just two of us now. Not sure where the 3rd dude went. So me and dude were sitting and there are some girls around us. One points toward the back of the bus and says, "Oooh I remember him from the comedy show." She was talking about some other dude, not one of us. So as she says this, somebody just comes right up to dude and shoots him. Man it was broad daylight. The funny thing is the bus driver kept driving. I guess he is used to this in Chicago? (Damn I am letting the media control my dreams now). So my man looks at me and says, "We can't look like outsiders. Do you think people can tell we aren't from here." I said, "I don't know." He said, "Watch this." So he goes over to the dude that just got shot, patted his pockets and takes his watch. He sits back down and puts the watch on. The girls around us were like, "Oooooooooo you see that? He go hard!" I just looked at him and shook my head.

I really don't remember anything else after that but this was a good dream.
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