Official NY Knicks 2021 off-season thread

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Thibs definitely deserved the COTY. He had a Knicks team from the prior year without any big additions, aside from signing Taj and Rose later in the season. A team that was expected to win 15-20 games this season but overachieved and took the 4 seed in the Eastern conference. Monty is definitely close but the addition of All Star (and probably a top 10 PG of all time) Chris Paul was a big factor in the team's big improvement. Not to mention, Booker is one of the most undervalued player in the NBA; if he was in the NYK or any big market team, he would be considered a top 10 player.
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Mark me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the Knicks able to sign KD after his injury but we did not take the risk??
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Mark me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the Knicks able to sign KD after his injury but we did not take the risk??
That was the excuse the Knicks made when he signed with Nets. (Classic Knicks PR)

Knicks were going all in behind the scenes on KD/Kyrie when the rumors were they were getting together to go to New York or Brooklyn.

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-Knicks are in win now mode, especially with Thibbs getting C.O.Y. But he won’t waste the best last years of Rose & Taj. Knicks need a proven vet like a Lowry or CP0.

-If Dame decides he’s going to seek greener pastures, Knicks should be ready with a trade proposal with every young player on the table except Juju/RJ/Mitch. Every pick this year & 2 years from now.

This brotha gets it.

What I failed to mention & of course no one even considered is that on those big trades for top 10 players, you never get back equal value. OKC most recently lucked up with SGA who appears to be ascending higher than Pandemic P, but it’s early. They stacked with young talent & will be a force in a few years withr that nucleus. I throw in garbage like Frank & Knox so someone could shine them boys up real nice as well.
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