Official OVO x JB Thread

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trades aren't that great but you will be able to find a decent deal. way better than selling.
which is good for me.
I'm trading worn Supreme x TNF mountain tee and Supreme x Independent tee for a DS white OVO 8.
Value wise, he's not taking an L at all. But since I got the tees for retail, pretty sweet deal for me. Basically
getting it for $100
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If that's going to be released or just a sample I wonder why Jordan Brand hid the owl logo and not have it be prominent like Travis Scott's "Cactus Jack" logo? Maybe that's another reason Drizzy could be going to the three stripes. (Speculation)
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Woke up this morning to find out that someone accepted my $195 bid for the black 8s, so I got em under retail, $209 shipped. Could have good them a few weeks ago on ebay for a couple dollars less... but my 15% off coupon wouldn't work so I didn't cop (would have brought em under $200 which would have been clutch). Anyway it's funny because Scorpion dropped last night too, so I guess it's Drake day.

Also those 14s are weak, glad they never came out.
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Hope those splatters drop without the OVO branding. When there's hype, I get hit with an L 100% of the time.
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