OFFICIAL Pay it Forward Thread...vol. who needs good karma?

Joined Jan 21, 2003
Inspired by NiPxD's charitable give aways and overall kindness, I have decided to create a Pay it Forward thread. Just like the movie, when one doessomething good for someone, they pay it forward by doing something good for someone else. Not sure how this will turn out, but it should make for anentertaining experiment. So here goes...

I dont really have much to give to other NTers, so I am going to list some things that I can do and the first PM I get requesting whatever it is, they will getit. Then, that person will do the same. We are going on the honesty policy here, so lets just assume that each NTer will do what they say they will and thenwe can also use this thread to post the outcomes.

- At work, I have access to a heavy duty printer, so Im thinking I can rasterbate anything someone wants in Black and White, and please no more than 20 pages. Just send me the pic, and how you want it printed, and I will send it to you in the mail.

- Or I have Warhawk for PS3 that was given to me by my cousin who used to work at Sony. I believe it is the whole game, but it has no box and it has nomanual, and it cant be returned or exchanged or sold because it is the test version or something like that.

So thats what I have to offer. Not much I know, but hey, its something. And if someone needs it, I got it. If not, I tried. I will probably be sleepingsoon, but the first PM I receive will get to pick ONE thing, and they shall receive it soon. I will check PM's in the morning.

PAY IT FORWARD! We can all use the good karma!
Joined Jul 11, 2006
hmm i'll take a rasterbated photo?

and i guess in return i can get anyone one digital (mp3) copy of any album of their choosing. as long as it's still something that can be reasonablyfound.

ooh... i guess 18key beat me to it. hmm nvm then.
Joined Oct 9, 2008
I can off someone an avy

Actually, if you want something from Joes Sports (NW sporting goods store, going out of business) for 40-60% off, I can help you out. Just something that canbe shipped in a reasonable sized box.
Joined Jan 21, 2003
18key got it! I will be rasterbating a photo of his choice and sending it out next week.

18key, youre next...
Joined May 9, 2007
back in the day i got Pay It Foward confused with Paid in Full, so when dudes went to buy Paid in Full out the back of peoples cars i kept tellin them itswhack with Hallie Joel Osment
Joined May 4, 2005
i have forza or forxa 2 but i know i have 2 of them... game for the 360... anyone smoke cigars?
Joined Nov 11, 2007

i cant think right now.. but i know i have a bunch of *!+! i could give out.. ill come back to this
Joined Jun 13, 2005

i got buncha new jeans that fit me, hella big..waist like 36..levis + buncha other +%!$
ill make sure in the morning
Joined Jun 8, 2008
18key's got me!

- First person to pm me gets whatever under 20$.
heck, use up the 20$.

Edit: Obie21 got it! Your next.
I took Youngtriz too, so do your part.
Joined Mar 26, 2007
obie, i'm game, PM me

i have LOTS of camel coupons, 14 to be exact, good for around $2-$3 off per pack per coupon. ya'll know that new cigarrette tax is KILLIN you. i don'teven smoke, but i get em once a month. 4 expire at the end of the month, rest expire at the end of june. i will ship tomorrow, someone PM me
Joined Jul 1, 2008
Uhhhhhhh I can send somebody a letter in the mail.....the letter will be about nothin' of importance, but I would hope it would make someone feel better. If you want one, PM me your address and expect a letter in the mail by Wednesday.
Joined Jan 30, 2009
This is cool but this thread is going to be flooded soon so waiting for each person would probably take a while doing it one at a time, to the OP I really wanta rasturbation of something I know you have already sent one out but if you could do another one at your job I will pay you for it. I have alot of jeans Idon't wear most size 32 or if you guys want something from 7-11 just pm me. For the jeans only one each so I can at least reach out to a few peopleinterested.
Joined May 4, 2005
im gonna send one out to blastamasta8.. i think fade on you wants one too but im not sure....
Joined May 21, 2008
nice idea for a thread. if's still active when football season starts i can prolly get someone tickets to a NFL (rams/cowboys/saints) but let me check withmy connects before i make any promises.

for now i do sketch/paint and such so if anyone wants something done just hit me with a PM with a general idea and i can hook em up-i'll ship it and all. ijust ask you give me time to work on it

edit: Si3xers55- i'm gonna try my best to hook you up with the cowboy ticket just remind me in a few months. if it works out i may update and try tospread the love with more tickets

Los Angeles

formerly bright nikes
Joined Apr 11, 2004
i need some good karma in my life.

-i can ship basically anything for free
-i have a lot of tees i dont want ne more
-i have some parka jackets (plaid and a gap one)
Joined Apr 23, 2006
I have a CRUMBLED pair of '99 Retro BRED IVs in a size 9. I tried to restore them, but it didn't work too well. Anyone with better restoration skillscan probably do something with them. First person to PM me gets them. This is the honor system so please only PM me if you wear a size 9 and plan torestore/wear them.
Joined Feb 9, 2009
I have a att lg shine thats unlocked to use on any carrier. First pm gets it.

Anyone got me?
Joined Oct 29, 2007
obie21- you got those levi 501's i'll pay for shipping

anyone with kids or younger fam (3 - 14) , i work at a book distruributor pm Me for free books.
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