May 2, 2004
what's up fellow pinoy nt'ers, just browsing through the philippine forum and was surprised that no one has started an official PBA thread so i felt obligated to start one.

being based outside the country(in toronto) its hard for me to stay up-to-date with all the news and info from the world's second oldest league so this thread will help me stay in the know.

current standings as of Oct 17th, 2005:

Team / Wins / Losses / Winning Pct.
Talk N Text 2 0 1.000
Purefoods 3 1 0.750
Brgy. Ginebra 2 1 0.667
Sta. Lucia 2 1 0.667
Red Bull 2 2 0.500
Alaska 1 2 0.333
Air21 1 2 0.333
Coca-Cola 1 2 0.333
San Miguel 0 3 0.000
Ritualo to NBA camp?
By Joaquin Henson
The Philippine Star 10/15/2005

It may be too late but although Air21 star RenRen Ritualo isnt holding his breath, hes still hoping for an invitation to attend either the New Jersey Nets or Philadelphia 76ers training camp before the next National Basketball Association (NBA) season opens on Nov. 1.

NBA teams are now conducting tryouts while playing preseason exhibition games.

Player agent Sam Unera said yesterday former NBA player Darryl Dawkins sent a tape of Ritualo sinking nine triples in a row for FedEx during a Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) game to the Nets coaching staff with a strong recommendation to invite the Express sharpshooter to camp.

Ritualo was shown on tape burying nine straight treys en route to a 36-point explosion in FedEx 116-106 win over Red Bull in the Fiesta Conference last April.

Unera is the general manager of the United States Basketball League team Pennsylvania Valley Dawgs whose coach is Dawkins. He enlisted PBA veterans Bong Alvarez and Vince Hizon to play for the Dawgs last season.

Unera, who lives in Pennsylvania, is in town for a visit to check on business opportunities and monitor the progress of Air21 import Shawn Daniels whom he brought here.

"According to Darryl, the feedback from the Nets coaching staff is positive and theyre asking for tapes of RenRens first three games in the PBA this season," said Unera. "If the Nets dont pursue it, we can go to the Sixers whose coach Maurice Cheeks was Darryls teammate and is a long-time friend. But I think the Nets will give RenRen a tryout. They know theres a big Filipino community in Jersey where theres even a Manila Avenue. The Filipino fans will come out in full force if a Filipinos playing for the Nets, thats for sure."

Unera said his interest in bringing Ritualo to the NBA is strictly patriotic. "Im doing this for our country," he continued. "Were looking for the first Filipino to play in the NBA. China, Japan and Korea already had their turn. Now its ours."

The first Chinese player in the NBA was Wang Zhizhi. Japans Yuta Tabuse and Koreas Ha Seung Jin made their pro debuts last season. Asians invited to past NBA training camps included Lebanons Fahdi Al-Khatib, Chinas Lui Wei and Ma Jian and Chinese-Taipeis Chen Hsin An.

Unera said he has spoken to Air21 team manager Lito Alvarez about the possibility of losing Ritualo to the NBA.

"Mr. Alvarez was excited about it," said Unera. "Naturally, hell miss RenRen but he knows it will be a big achievement for a Filipino to play in the NBA. Hes supporting it all the way because its good for the Philippines."

Unera said Ritualos impressive showing at the Global Hoops Summit in Las Vegas last July opened the eyes of NBA scouts. In a game against Passing Lane Sports, Ritualo knocked down seven treys and scored 27 points. Passing Lanes God Shammgod, an NBA veteran, tried to silence Ritualo in the fourth period but the "Rainman still got away with 16 points, including an in-your-face triple at the buzzer.

After the game, Shammgod approached Ritualo, shook his hand and complimented him for his shooting ability.

Unera said Ritualos first game this season was a stock booster. He fired 17 points and hit the game-winning triple off import Marquin Chandler to power Air21 to an 88-86 win over Purefoods last Oct. 7.

Ritualo said Unera told him of the possibility of trying out for the Nets or the Sixers.

"Of course, Im excited," Ritualo said. "Who wouldnt be? Its every players dream to play in the NBA. But Im not conscious about it. I know I still have a lot to learn. My goal is to keep improving. If the invitation doesnt come this year, maybe next year."

Ritualo said he has to strengthen his legs, especially his calf muscles, and play intelligently now that defenders swarm all over him.

"Im learning how to play decoy," he said. "Im trying to penetrate and dish. I try to do whatever my coach tells me. Whats important is our team wins consistently, never mind my individual statistics."

Ritualo, 26, played for San Beda high school then joined the La Salle seniors in 1997. He finished his varsity eligibility in 2001 with a truckload of awards, including Rookie of the Year, two Finals MVPs and four Mythical Team selections. In the Philippine Basketball League, Ritualo also made waves as a regular season MVP and finals MVP. He was Rookie of the Year in the PBA in 2002 and Sixth Man awardee the next year.

After being named to the national team last June, Ritualo said his dream is to win a gold medal for the country and to make every Filipino proud.

wow would be pleseantly surprised to see this happen although his chances of actually sticking with an nba team would be slim to none. what do you guys think of the possibilities of one of our own actually making it to the nba sometime in the near future?
wahhhh miss ko na PBA.... 10dime where is shell? that was my team then...
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^ Shell - LOA right now.

Ritualo to the NBA? :wow:
hope he gets there.

any Ginebra fans?

Sorry to say this but even if Ritualo made it to an NBA camp, he'll be cut for sure before the start of the season.

I hate how that writer blows up small things which aren't even news worthy. (e.g. Johnny A supposedly was courted by Charlotte Hornets back in the 90's, Kobe Bryant supposedly going to the 76ers when he appeared on a mag cover rocking a 76ers throwback jersey)

I'm not hating on Ritualo. I know the man has talent. Him inking 9 straight 3 pointers doesn't make him an NBA caliber player. That's pure luck. Name 1 player who actually sinks 9 - 3 pointers in every game. Wala. That's a shallow way of weighing a player if he's made for NBA or not. Heck, even Master P attended an NBA camp.

And Alvarez and Hizon's stint at the USBL was a joke.

Oh and Ginebra fan here since the 80's.

Billy Ray Bates and Michael Hackett!!!

SMB Fan here! Avelino Lim Fan

So am I! Samboy is my main man! :smokin

I've always wore #9 - mainly because of MJ in the 1984 Olympics - but it worked out perfectly for me because my favorite PBA player wears the same number :evil:

Hence, the #9 at the end of my nick :b

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________"... it was like meeting Black Jesus" - LBJ referring to the first time he met MJ (as told in the Oprah Winfrey Show)
Oh by the way, since we're in the subject of basketball, is the BAP problem settled? Can the Philippines send a National Basketball team already?
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________"... it was like meeting Black Jesus" - LBJ referring to the first time he met MJ (as told in the Oprah Winfrey Show)
I agree with Kingcrux31

I've seen the future of the NBA his name is Amare Stoudemire -Shaquille O'Neil
Johnny A supposedly was courted by Charlotte Hornets back in the 90's

^^ true i even watched the game when the "scout" was there... and nothin happened.... i think the only way a filipino would play in nba is when 6'5 or 6'6 guys like ildefonso would learn to play the point or at least shooting guard....imagine johnny a guarding jason kidd? or is fun...but we are nowhere near NBA caliber...sorry to say that but it's true...
anyway...mabuhay padin ang pilipinas.... the worst nba team vs pinoy all stars...i'll be cheering for pinoys money is on nba though....
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Whoa, what's up with shell?

Amen to that, kincrux

Caidic drained 15 in a game I think - he bagged the MVP that conference.
SMB fan right here, loved watching Calma, Caidic and Lim play.

I remmebr i asked my dad to put up a ring for me behind our house so i practice shooting like the Triggerman.

On a side not, Ritualo's tape are being sent to NBA teams (Nets i think) accdg to sportswriters. The guy can shoot but he looks like an alien imo. hehehe

I NEED IX LOWS (8.5-9), XV's (9) XVII's (9). DS or VNDS
Allan Caidic and Jojo Lastimosa were my favorite PBA players during the late 80's and early 90's.

Ren is a good friend of mine but I don't think he'd make it to the NBA. He lacks height and ballhandling skills. Exag lang talaga si Quinito... Ang bilis makiliti! :tongue:
The Filipnas were amongst the top teams in the world during then 50's i think. They came 3rd in the World Basketball Champs in Rio de Janiero.
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A month ago, saw the Phil Legends play here in Sydney. Caidic, Patrimonio, Jolas, Agustin, Loyzaga bros, Cordinera, Samboy, Victorino made up the team.

Caidic sank seven 3s and top scored. Man, the guy can shoot. So smooth that stroke. Was awesome seeing those guys play. I followed most of them in the 90s. Although, cheered mainly against Alvin and Jerry as I'm a big time Ginebra fan.

Samboy didn't have his knee high socks though!
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