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We about to learn just how pathetic the republicans party and their senators are. If inciting an insurrection isn’t worthy of being convicted and removed nothing is
a woman literally talked about how she luckily sent her 4 children home before her 1st opportunity to speak on the house floor...

AND she still voted against impeachment

like it's bad enough when you think of the possibility you might not have gone home to then

it's even worse when you think that they could have been caught up in that mess

and THAT isnt enough for you to finally get fed up with all this shh show

and then there are the reports about threats against GOP members lives and to be careful about attacking one another
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So many of these morons really thought bc they were cops or military servicemen that they'd slide under the radar. The courts really gotta set the precedent and throw these idiots in jail for 5 years minimum. We live in a country with prisons full of people who committed nonsense crimes like carrying a few ounces of weed. This shouldn't be hard.
At the very least, they should lose their veteran/cop benefits. Then, they can hound Daddy Trump for that extra money since they have shifted their allegiance to him.
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