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@aepps20 come get your people. They're losing the plot.
sometimes, in my most optimistic moments, I look at the post-Trump Republicans flailing around flaccid af, NYPD replacing robot dogs with social workers, and mass labor shifts out of minimum wage "hero jobs" and get ideas that the tide might be turning after all this.

then 8 people get shot up somewhere, Jeff Bezos buys a city, or COVID gets another life bar and it's right back to a future of grey skies.

this is a fateful period in human history.
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Someone define the new buzz word “critical race theory” for me. I see it getting tossed around Fox News all morning.
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Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie introduced a bill that would create a publicly funded trust fund — known as a baby bond — for children whose families make less than $132,000 a year. Upon birth, every eligible child in D.C. would receive a $1,000 payment from the government into their fund, followed by annual, income-based supplemental payments that could reach $2,000 for the lowest-income children. Once they turn 18, each child would be able to withdraw the money for specific uses like education, business ownership or investment, or to purchase a home.



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How can anyone with even the slightest bit of integrity deny these facts:

CRT is loosely unified by two common themes:

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QAnon-obsessed mother shoots man in the head after becoming convinced he's a child-stealing Satanist: report

Christopher Hallett had garnered thousands of followers on YouTube and Facebook as a self-proclaimed expert on child custody law. Hallett then tried to used his alleged expertise to help Neely Petrie-Blanchard fight for custody of her daughters -- a favor she returned by shooting him in the head in his Florida home because she thought he was part of a cabal of government Satanists who wanted to steal her children, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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