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The ICIG is a Trump appointee and issued 2 criminal referrals after reviewing the complaint and determining it was credible and of urgent concern. One referral to the DOJ along with DNI Maguire but also a separate one to the FBI.


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I hope all the people that bemoan liberal cancel culture are up in arms about American companies throwing their employees under the bus for rightfully critizing China.

Marriott, huge GOP donors, are getting rid of an employee for "wrongfully liking a tweet" regarding Tibet.
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When this nightmare is over, we can't forget all the people that enabled and defended Trump while he made corrupt decision after corrupt decision. It will be so easy for many people to forget who was involved but we can't allow that to happen. They need to be held accountable for their role in this nonsense. If they can't face criminal charges, the only other way to hurt them is to kick them out of office.
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