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Idk why I’m posting this

I know why you posted it.

Because it resonates. Because I rarely get emotional, if ever. I guess you'd call me hyper-rational, stoic.

Yet when I see Donald J Trump have to answer mean questions from the mean press, or have to respond to the bully Robert Mueller, or when Bill Barr is out there giving every ounce of his unflattering unfit 275 pounds to defend the man that he loves, I wonder why doesn't Donald Trump get more credit? Why are libbies so mean?
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On the low/low Liz could drop ether at Mike and it wouldn’t have any repercussions cause he is literally who she is running against
It wouldn’t have repercussions because hardly anybody cares about Mike Bloomberg. At the end of the day Bloomberg is just another candidate that is wasting his time and won’t resonate with many voters if any. I wouldn’t be surprised if Liz could get more votes than Bloomberg in New York.

That attitude is partly why we got trump, my g.

those people vote, too.
Again, I don’t care about any Trump voters or their feelings or what they can do. The hell with them. They problem is WE don’t vote enough because WE don’t show up enough. If we put in the effort, if we cared more, if we took more ownership WE wouldn’t have to worry about Trump voters. I’m telling you right now.......I don’t give a damb about any Trump voter......tell ‘em I said it.


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^ Yep. Catering to Trump supporters is a losing strategy. They’re not looking for an alternative.

Run up the base turnout and you position yourself in a place to win, barring gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc.

**** a deplorable.


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And who was one of the key beneficiaries of Parnas and Fruman's potential Naftogaz deal? The upper echelon Russian mob affiliate Dmitry Firtash.
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If footage or tweets exist of him praising Sondland, saying how much of a good guy he is the media needs to have it queued when they confront him or his aides. Time to start holding their feet to the fire and expose their bs.

But then again, he did the same thing with Matt Whitaker and nothing came of it. He literally said I know Matt, he's a good guy. Then one month later he says he never met him and doesn't know him
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