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i see you continually rationalizing **** like that without any hint of condemnation. c’mon man. you just got scolded for that.
Now I have to be the condemn misleading tweet police, too? C'mon.

Do you ask anyone to do that for misleading tweets on the other side?

I clearly said it was misleading. And that it would resonate with a lot of the American people. That sounds like politics 101. Especially around election time.
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Rudy going from the guy who was the face of bringing america together after 9/11 to actively working with foreign enemies to help re-elect the most divisive candidate in American history has to be the greatest heel turn ever, right?
Rudy G > Hollywood Hogan

Y'all think Italians are gonna try and take pizzas back?
Freedom Fries and Liberty Cheese and Sauce Bread
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I liked the article and it twas interesting to read about the case and why she should recuse herself should she be appointed, but 'should' means nothing to republicans. In fact, even if there's a law against something (like the Hatch act), that still doesn't stop republicans. It's crazy where we're at in American history.
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I’m disappointed man :smh:

I hate seeing people be marks. Not being on code, and the incoming black tribalism.....in the midst of everything going on, got my spirits low.

I seent a different vision. ****, them people in Nigeria rising up. And here in America....I see the same black tribalism about to be the new frontier. And *****s don’t even know it.

Power in numbers and demographics bout to be lost. Because *****s got tricked off their pivot, on some resentful ****. Smfh
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