OFFICIAL RAP BATTLE THREAD: Hitman Holla vs. Aye Verb p.12

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nwx was in their bag for sure. That was the best battle, definitely a toss up

I don't even know what happened on that last battle. Beas was on the mic talkin about the Brizz battle was still going to take place and I'lli be uploaded later that night, crowd was booing so loud so it was hard to hear. Not sure it even took place

And of course no official word from URL smh


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Chess isn't ready man. I try not to put too much stock into performance but he sounds nervous and he's getting to finish the bars. Lux being saved by the current GOAT smh. Why does this man get so much love.

And he choked??? How do yall still ride for this guy.
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Chess was gettin on my nerves he just be doing to much. Like in the 3rd when he jumped in the crowd to watch hollow n lux go at it. He was standing in front the camera like come on bruh chill out
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Upon further review I got geechi/rum 2-1, maybe 3-0. Shine/DNA just wasn't hittin.

Lux/Hollow 3-0 , still going to give best individual round to TWORK and suge 1st round. Their chemistry is on point
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watched the link someone posted above.... thanks to whoever it is .....

got loaded hollow 3-0.... wasnt a body bag.... roc and chess held their own , but i prefer lux and hollow..

goodz/ clip vs jjdd/ hitman is a 2-1 debatable .... but ill give it to jjdd/hitman ... winning the first and second( clips 3 round was round of the matchup)

suge and twork 2-1 possible 3-0....... i think quest and marv edged the 3rd,,, but the first 2 rounds belong to suge/ twork clear..... quest cant be giving up like that in the second

ill try to watch the rest later, if still available lol
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