Official: Revised Lebron IX Thread. MVP's revealed! MV's WILL have toddler sizes! 6/2

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A pattern on a sole
It's chains of 6s & 9s and styled like one of LeBron doodles.

A tiny code inside 6&9 chains pattern
This code is 305946 & some # is reversed.
This code mean:
305- Miami’s area code
946 - LeBron 9 for his number6

LeBron’s Lion icon hired under chains

JP's Nikebasketball facebook live chat recap

LeBron IX University of Kentucky

More LeBron IX iD preview

LeBron 9s iD
source: nikeid's fb

LeBron IX Home Detail photos
more pic:

LeBron IX Triple Black Sample
thx US11

another HOT shoes - Nike LeBron IX info

Nike LeBron IX China Edition Special Package

Upcoming Color Info
If you have more update or correct info, feel free to let me know.
Thanks the people helped me!
thx: Counterkicks, US11, macgyver35, BronLe  jca998,

another new colorway 469764 100

Which color of laces u like on LeBron IX China, ORANGE or BLUE?
Thx Conkeror’s wonderful pic!

I tried to save all photos from all online sources for u guys
wish u like it. thanks

Guess what's this new LeBron shoes?

Nike LeBron 9

Detail Images:​/07/08/lebron-ix/'s facebook

LeBron IX Clear photos
Clear photos:​x.php/2011/07/08/lebron-9-bett​er-pix/

source: Tee_Leo &

LeBron IX Design: What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity
clear pic:​x.php/2011/07/08/lebron-9-desi​gn/

“What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity
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I'm skeptical.. but so far.. Lebron VIIs were nice.. Lebron 8s are nice...
I'd like to see the Lebron 9s before I make up my mind...
but why $165??..

Kobe VIs selling for $130.. but they selling very well.. every colorway had good sales...
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Also I'm very happy that bib10 started the official thread, the first page will actually get updated frequently.
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Lebron 8 PS/V3 1.0000001....

I just hope the aesthetic of the upper looks better than the 8 PS.
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Midfoot wings and flywire construction harnesses....are these straps???

It seems like LeBron is going to be in "Kill" mode from the start of next season with the 180 Max in the heel and zoom in the forefront.
I know a lot of people are thinking of v3s, but I really can't imagine how they'll look.
Like the 8 Playoffs, the LeBron 9 sounds like it's going to be a beast on the court.
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Originally Posted by LBJ23navo

SMH at hyperfuse techonlogy.. These would strictly be for balling 

Like they arent going to make that upper in multiple versions.
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The line I like the most is " Unapologetically innovative signature..." Sounds like it's a boastful comment that the shoe will be the best in the market when released and they aren't gonna say sorry for it!

As most above said, definitely sounds V3ish...Sad to see them step away from AM 360 sole, from a style standpoint. But this is gonna make me and loads of others happy with the forefoot zoom! Can't wait to see the pics!
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Of corse the 9 would be a hyperfuse. After seeing how much everybody loves the V3, this was a no brainer.
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a few thoughts on this. on the surface i don't like the use of hyperfuse or the lack of air max 360. the lebron 8 was perfect for my body type and style. the lebron 8 v2 i didn't like nearly as much and the lebron 8 P.S. i won't even try. i recently stocked up on several pairs of lebron 8s to last me until the lebron 9 since there won't be any more v1s and the v2 & P.S. don't interest me.

well after reading this, i feel like i need to double up on all the v1s to last until the lebron 10.
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Do not see how flywire is going to coincide with Fuse technology..... Both are durable materials.

as long as they look good for some of you right? Pretty sure they'll perform good.
Joined Aug 6, 2006
Would've liked to see 360 instead of 180. Oh well.

Still pumped to see pics before I judge.
Joined Feb 12, 2004
looks like im more interested in the kobe VII now. i dislike the look of the V3 and these sounds similar. i just cant get into max 180. i prefer full zoom or full max, not both. oh well, i will buy an extra entourage and xmas 8 then
Joined Jan 8, 2011
$5 is for the reduce in quality leather or maybe its $5 for removing the 360 air bag...or maybe nike is just freaking greedy
I mean the Lebron 9s are going to be a beast, no doubt about it, but 165 for a shoe that isn't going to be aesthetically appealing is pissing a lot of people off that actually want it for ball.
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