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Should UnicornHunter’s faithful card be revoked for his blasphemous Patrick Willis comments?

  • Yes permanently

    Votes: 31 79.5%
  • Yes temporarily

    Votes: 5 12.8%
  • No

    Votes: 3 7.7%

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Joined Nov 18, 2012
4th highest PFF rated run blocking unit last year but 13th in total run yardage because every running back we had got broken
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The cycle is complete. I can't remember the last time I listened to KNBR. It's been years. TBH, I haven't turned on the radio since football season ended, but I'll definitely be listening on July 16!
Wild. Kicked Fitz out his own house. Will definitely be bringing me back to KNBR to listen to his show and 9ers play-by-play


formerly cant nobody stop me
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It sucks because it puts us in a situation where we possibly won't have a reliable kicker for the first time in a long time
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I wouldn't be surprised if he just retires.
That’s why I’m saying deal his *** away now while we still have the chance to get even a minor return

He wants to go to CHI, and it’s pretty evident he’ll rage quit the 9ers and retire if we don’t let him. We’re finna need a new FG kicker eithe way now

Deal him away, get something, start scouting kickers now, not in August
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damn yall i just saw a close up of my avy and realized that no one besides the revived corpse of dontae johnson is on the team :frown:

time for an update...
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Look how easy this **** was for him. He even started high-stepping close to the finish line lmao. It sucks Tyreek Hill is dealing with his issues. I would've loved to see him vs Marquise. I think that's the only guy that can beat Marquise.

Joined May 15, 2005
There was an event today to see who is the fastest player in the NFL with the winner taking home a cool $1 million. Marquise Goodwin smoked everyone. :rofl::rofl:

what's crazy is he came out the block slower jackson, was like 4-5 yards behind and still snatched him with enough time to showboat at the end. this ****ing guy :lol:

please stay healthy though :blush:
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