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Should UnicornHunter’s faithful card be revoked for his blasphemous Patrick Willis comments?

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Jeff Wilson promoted

Coleman inactive
McKinnon Ir

Starting RBs depth: Breida, Mostert, Wilson

Weird how we spending the check on RBs but getting all the mileage from the cheapest ones.
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Thank goodness for the depth tho you know?

Pumped for tomorrow fellas, should be interesting. Dalton threw for 418 last week without AJ, is the Seahawks defense sorry or did Andy just ball?

I think our defense will be fine, but the offense concerns me a bit.
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Bengals offense is legit now with Zac Taylor. They're running the McVay offense, but the hoodie put out the blueprint to beat them by stacking the LOS in the Superbowl. Seattle used the exact strategy against Cinci last week. I wonder if Saleh will use it as well.

Bengal's DL is going to be a good test for our OL. They're a significantly better pass-rushing group than the Bucs were. Atkins, Dunlap, Lawson and Hubbard are no joke.
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glad we have the 10am game

also weirdly glad we have the week 4 bye: Shanahan expects Coleman, Hurd, and Trent Taylor back after the wk4 bye
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Bruh I miss the west so bad. Being able to end the football night and go smoke with the homies and talk about everything that went right and wrong. To hell with the tri-state and east in general. The 3 hour time-zone difference high key influences a totally different lifestyle.
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Someone said If Ward and Vernett were on the field at the same time and healthy that a black hole would open, so I guess this really for the best for everybody
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