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Should UnicornHunter’s faithful card be revoked for his blasphemous Patrick Willis comments?

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Joined Jul 25, 2012
Trent Taylor was hyped as the best off-season receiver of the group.Sucks that his career is in jeopardy he’s an extremely fun guy to root for.

Guess our guy Richie “supaFreak” James gotta shine and get some Reps.
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Kyle probably looks at these WR and is like "These guys are trash and will never be as good as I was" lol.

But really, these doubts with the WR group is the same doubts we had going into this season. All this hype about improvement but nothing to show for it in the regular season. I want to believe Pettis can become a reliable WR, but so far, he's not.

Wanted Taylor to have a big season, especially with Welker as an assistant coach, but he's pretty much done for the year. Smh.

We need to re-sign Arnaz Battle. He caught every 2 yard pass he was able to get open on lol
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kaep working out live

24 teams sent reps

i wonder if he'll look good and i wonder if anyone will actually be interested

tho i guess he changed the location last minute?
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a.b lost his mind, he suing the raiders, patriots, and NFL and bad mouthing non stop. i dont think he's gonna be on anyones roster this season. maybe never again even.
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