Official Satellite Radio Thread vol. I don't even listen to am/fm radio anymore

Joined May 23, 2005
I have satellite radio and I listen to hip hop nation, shade 45, the foxhole, and every now and then the grove. I was thinking maybe people could put me on to other channels to listen to or specific times I should listen to a channel for a specific host. Like on shade 45 rude Jude and lord sear be havin me dying when they be tryna have him spell words also the foxxhole be having me rolling but I thought maybe there would be host or programming in the year that I have had satellite I never hear them invite guests on or anything. Do they have a specific time that a host will come on or is it just music and stand up. I be crackin up when I get in the car after my girl and the playboy or Cosmo talk or whatever sex channel that is be on. :lol:
But on the real recommend other channels or this could be where we hip people on about particular guests coming through and to keep an eye out for their interview or whatever
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