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Got stopped out. Knew TSLA was volatile, so set a 33% drop as my stop loss. Hit that while I was walking my dog this morning. Hurts.
Hope it wasn’t a big position. I don’t understand moves like this. Only stop losses I set is at break even. Gotta HODL.
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Hope it wasn’t a big position. I don’t understand moves like this. Only stop losses I set is at break even. Gotta HODL.
It was *decent*. Will enter back in once we see an actual bottom form. I expected TSLA to be volatile and allowed for it to dip quite a bit since it can slingshot all over the place, but I still got caught with my pants down.
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There’s someone on Reddit who says if it ends the day over 200, his wife will stick a green candle somewhere, these people are wild 😭

Sidenote, craziest thing I’ve ever seen on Reddit is the guy who blended up a vinyl record and ate it because he bet Kendrick had a second album releasing during the whole “DamnNation” theory.
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Only reason I opened an account at first was to buy amc 🤷‍♂️

I feel you fargin fargin :lol:
The GME and AMC news definitely peaked my interest, being that I’m in the financial field I had been thinking about it for a bit. I was staying clear of GME at first. But I got in at 118 the other day and it’s been doing well for me as of now. Only put in what I’m comfortable losing to get a taste of it. So far it has been quite the ride.
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Maaan this hurts, but one of the first stock I bought (at the heart of the pandemic) was VIAC. It was only $19. I bet on it because with people being home, and cant go to the games, they will watch more TV. Well, it didn't pan out lol. I ended up selling all shares 3 months later and made like $30 total. Ehh.

Last month I jumped back in, it was at $66 a share :wow:. Today, VIAC is at 79.45 a share. I'm def sticking this one out for the long haul.
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Was getting killed on outs earlier damn near everything in my watchlist was getting dumped but spy held on but was looking weak and that cash on the side came in handy

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Tech still getting its kufi smacked, and i can see this happening til Wednesday at the earliest before relief comes. Watch how when we bottom out the institutions come back in and grab up everything for dirt cheap and go 10x their profits the rest of the year! Its a dirty game
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Yeah, I learned my lesson with amc. Stupidest buy ever :lol:

I got my money back though 3 weeks later.
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