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Anyone else into set it and forget it index funds?
I’m up 10% YTD
I’m up 63% year to year 3/28/20 to 3/28/21
And overall since maybe 2017, overall since I started, I’m up 25%

Right as covid hit,I was down 15%. Nice overall recovery. But it just shows, your time table for retirement counts.

crazy random times even when-index funds sit low key.
401k is in VTTSX, Roth IRA/HSA is all in VTSAX/VTI, and Brokerage is all SPY at this point. Keeps things easy.....
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401k is in VTTSX, Roth IRA/HSA is all in VTSAX/VTI, and Brokerage is all SPY at this point. Keeps things easy.....
Worst thing you can do is have an index fund and sell after losses because you panic sell. If you are in an index fund and took losses, just stick with it and buy more at lower costs. Eventually that index fund (especially if it’s one that mimics S&P or a growth fund) will recover and grow even higher.
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Smh I hope this woman knows what shes doing.
When I look at some of the top holdings in her ETFs, those stocks have taken an absolute beating over the past two months. It definitely feels like some whales are out there to force her hands by keeping those prices low IMO while SPY is near ATH. After all, there’s only so many dips you can buy considering how concentrated those funds already are.

That being said, I still have sizable amounts in ARKK, ARKF and ARKG in that order. I believe in the underlying companies as well as her thesis and it’s the long game for me. Time will tell, she’s had a stellar run in 2020 and the ARK team’s ability to navigate this tech/growth correction will be key to retaining all of that “hot money” that came in. Wall Street can be ruthless.
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You can’t be up 400% in a year and not see a pull back or long term base. She’s been prepared for this and has said she expected 20% returns moving forward. This concerns me though, but I wonder if it’s more related to ARKG and ARKX than ARKK. ARKG is super important for the world but she could very well see that fund blow up due to the lack of liquidity. I’ve got a small position in my daughter’s custodial and own a few of their stocks in my account (NVTA CAPA CMLF CMIIU). It’s a damn good fund to have exposure too, but it has the most risks.
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S&P banging all over. Thought I’d wake up early and be good. :lol: Russel is where it’s at today so far.
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I'm so damaged and scarred by this pullback.

I don't even believe none of this green

Shxt just goes up to fall down harder... :smh:
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I mean if you were heavily in tech before and experienced the pullback that was sort of expected as people shift more money into the reopening play and going back to normal play in retail and the like. Don’t panic and learn from it. Stocks don’t always go up, sometimes they are horizontal for months until we have a catalyst that moves things.

Like Johnny said, learn from it, or if you can’t tolerate it then buy into a mutual fund and set it and forget it. Just keep contributing to that position over time.
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you guys think well recover to pre February prices by EOY?
I've been reading people's predictions and some are guessing things to stabilize by mid April, with another bull run beginning. No one knows if this will be as big as 2020, or that it will even happen at all, but just what some are saying.
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