Official Supreme Thread FW20 Done. Sale? Perhaps.

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Joined Apr 11, 2011
I most likely would have secured the stapler too but clicked on "terms and ..." instead of purchase the first time...ooof


formerly juice8732
Joined Mar 23, 2007
Supreme really is the worst site. I hate being a complainer but man, as someone that’s been buying for over a decade that now can’t get anything without the site freezing and or getting declined, I’m getting less and less interested in the brand.
Joined Feb 7, 2010
damn near waited this whole season for the overdyed camo pocket tee

stapler is cool but not gonna waist my time

crusher and expedition cap are aight too

when those Oreo's expire? hopefully they throw some in for free...I feel like I've got nothin' but reggies sticker-wise this season
Joined May 8, 2013
Man I had last weeks digital track jacket in silver in my cart so I could try and grab mint trail camp and try for the stapler. If stapler was gone too fast I would at least get the cap and jacket with free ship. Man they took the jacket offline. I just don't get Supreme. The Big Letter jacket has been up there since week 2 and same thing with the Raglan jacket. Both jackets have just been sitting. I got mad and just didn't check out on anything.

Pass week
Joined Apr 11, 2011
Stapler is cool and all but not worth $100 plus resell for a stapler. Would have been nice at retail but its not that serious when I have functional ones already.... oh well
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