Official Supreme Thread FW20: Week 5

Joined Jun 6, 2013
You use restock alerts to get notified but good luck checking out faster then bots or the thousands of other people going for the same thing lol. Unless it’s a big restock or the item isn’t hyped you won’t have much of a chance.
Joined Aug 28, 2006
This was the most WEIRDEST success ever!

I cooked on Laptop, and BOTH phones as well as BOTS.

So dummy here thinks he got 3 Red Totes & 8 ziplocks. After only 3 emails come thru I notice that 2 of the emails are the same exact bot orders. So it made me think? How did I cook on a bot yet still show success screen on supreme app on both phones..

Nevertheless I ended up with 2 Red Totes. Would like to swap for a black if anyone is willing PM me... I’ll throw in Oreos if you don’t get in your orders!
Joined Apr 11, 2011
Price will be high within the first month. Wait 6 months and it’ll drop close to retail. Wait a year+ later and it’ll go back up past $150+ (Speaking about totes).

Have done countless models on this for various items. The math holds up. Seldom will you ever find an item drop below retail a year past release date. Usually resale is around 1.7-2.35x retail.
Yeah, thats what i've noticed as well. The polartec tote I had I held on to it through the dips and sold for a profit later on. This one is nice but also seems on the cheaper side in certain aspects. Either way it'll be available for around retail for a while if anyone is interested like most other items nowadays.
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