Official Supreme Thread FW20: Week 9 Jacob & Co

Joined Feb 2, 2008
i cant even get picked for instore on a ****ing garbage *** week. I dont understand how the **** all yall keep getting picked every week.

ive havent gotten a txt since december. never ditched going. ive changed all my info to the point that im different person at a different address.

**** beyond rigged :smh:
Joined Apr 9, 2003
I wanted them b/c I didn't have any...was just disappointed I got not 1 collab sticker.
All of my packages have been disappointing too. No collab stickers. My digi camo from Week 2 arrived days ago and surprisingly came with gloves. Still weak with the stickers tho. Still got the S logo hoodie on the way, let's see how that goes.
Joined Jan 25, 2017
smh anyway most of my week 4 stuff came in over the weekend but the last tee came in today on my bday

Finally a good week from these ****heads

Tees are meh. The game over and flower joints are nicer from pics.


The sweater though.. nasty :nthat: :nthat:

How's the sweater fit?
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