Official Supreme Thread Vol:SS24 Week week 16 30th Anniversary

This week is looking like one of the best of the season so far. Crewnecks, jackets, zip ups and hats are all pretty solid 🔥
Yeah, some good stuff this week, and my wallet would prefer a sleeper week. If money and availability were no issue, I'd be in for a toucan lamp, blue tote, sage and striped denim hats, tie dye shorts and zip hoodie, grandpa knit polo in at least one color, striped shirt in any or all of those colors, and a whole sage denim suit.

However, will probably just go for a lamp, sage and stripe denim hats, and maybe the tie dye shorts

Apparently it’s a small lamp not the normal size..
My kid loves jean jackets so I’ll give it a shot
Damn, want those tie dye overdyed sweatshorts (that's a tounge twister) paisley crewneck also fire....but will only try for those shorts ...

Question...who has da neon Darwins and has worn them , can you speak on how they are holding up maybe, how bad is the creasing if any...and how bad is da dirt magnetism...

This close on grabbing a pair but wanna know / see some on feet/worn pics
These feel like they will need some time to break in before skating

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