Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

Joined Apr 24, 2013
how is it with the restrictions being looser? Eg store is packed with lines of ppl waiting to get in?
they increased capacity to 100 ppl from 60 or 80. They don’t curl the line inside the mall any more. If your inside by mall entrance it’s about 30 min wait. If you plan on going on a weekend, I’d recommend you get there at least 15 mins before they open.
Joined Dec 23, 2012
how does everyone feel about Scottie Barnes? At first I was like wtf, now that I've seen more of him I don't mind the pick. The potential for him to be great is there.


Joined Feb 17, 2011
I trust Bobby/Masai but I was shocked like everyone else. I even took a 5 min break from Twitter before woj or shams can spoil the pick.
Joined Dec 12, 2016
any outlets still selling some Kobes or good ball shoes rn? bout to start running ball for the first time in two years lol
Joined Feb 9, 2013
whats with the foot locker app? I want to enter the Pollen 1 raffle, but only kids sizes on the app. What should I expect as far as numbers for this release?
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Did I miss the memo on Air Max Ones? Cant find any colourways on Ndca..and you cant ID them anymore either :frown:
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Anyone else get the Electro 1s? If so, how’s the quality on your pair? Managed to get them through and they came quick but not the best quality. I’ve seen other posts with this as a common problem, dye stain on the thread at the bottom:

I could probably live with that, but the back of the shoes look completely different. Not sure if I can exchange as they sold out online 😩

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was at dixie last week and wow has the selection fallen off a cliff only good thing was the nike windbreakers, shoe selection is trash
adidas/reebok across have better shoes than nike in dixie

lets get this thread active again what are your finds and which outlet
Joined Oct 20, 2014
new store. 2 stories high. Grand opening today. Had patina 1, kos, obsidian 13, at 1:30 pm
smh i was at yorkdale too today around that time. i saw people holding nike bags but when i walked by the normal nike store i saw it was closed with the gate but didn't think anything of it. would've been cool to check out the store even though i'm not really into kicks like that these days.
Joined Dec 26, 2011
Can't believe how quick the OVO x UofT collab sold out. Managed to get two hoodies and a crewneck as an alumni. Really wanted the quarter zip but sold out. Better not catch any cats who aren't currently enrolled or an alumni wearing this lmao
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