Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...


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Joined May 4, 2015
Was gonna say those cargo pants dope. Then I saw the second pics. You make look dope doe
Joined Apr 22, 2015
same here, haven’t rocked mine yet, my bday is 8/23

hopefully the world is in order by then. I’ve honestly considered selling if things got really bad and this became the new normal
these going to double in price from here. Making it hard to unds my pair.
Joined Apr 22, 2015
Double? If these hit 3k I’m def selling lol
yes with time. These aren’t retrroing anytime soon. It’s inevitable. It’s a unique collab and not just a regular color way that drops every few years.
Joined Jul 20, 2012
I was living under a rock... I didnt know the TS 1s were going for 1200

TS 4s for 900... unions for 2000? The "sneaker game" is wild right now
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