Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

mr z

Joined Aug 10, 2013
Still ain’t got no shoes but that neighborhood collab is so fire. Can’t wait to get in hand…in 2 months
Joined Oct 8, 2005
Dunno...I might leave the game again. It’s too difficult to hit on anything. GR stuff is botted to death, anything remotely dope is botted to death and winning raffles is damn near impossible. In person stores backdoor so that’s pointless too.

It’s just a complete waste of time and energy at this point. Nobody with power cares, either.
Joined Oct 8, 2005
Back in the day my mom couldn’t afford stuff and we used to walk by the window and look at stuff. Now, as an adult, I have the money but the way things are now it’s like all most of us do is get to look at pics of sneakers we’ll never see in real life outside of some sort of sneaker convention. It’s basically window shopping.

How can anyone get excited for constant L’s? I don’t even feel like complaining anymore so I’m out.
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