Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

Joined May 14, 2002
Why is it when I lace any shoes they don’t come out perfect like that? Laces always twisted and not laying flat

What am I doing wrong
I relate to this sooo much. Once asked my friend to lace my shoes because he is so good at it, his response, “just lace them bro.”
Joined May 14, 2002
Fingers crossed...the Nike app was good to me this morning. Why not next Saturday too?
The Nike App is only nice to me for GR Jordan’s that aren’t 1’s... lol. SNKRS came through for me today too though so I’m hoping it carries over next week.
Joined Nov 26, 2015
God damn... why TF did I just start playing ASTROWORLD again?? :smh:

This **** changed his career... and now I have to buy these.

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