Official "urea" gamers discussion -- 2k8 v. LIVE

Oct 17, 2000
Which one are you grabbing and where?

No "early" hookup for me this go 'round. :rolleyes

I'm 2k since '02 (you LIVE fans need to make that change like M.J. Heeeeee heeee!). :smokin

Can't wait for the 360 version.


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I'm gonna ride with 2k8 on this i played the live demo for 360 and didnt like the game play
the 2k series always had a more realistic feel to thats where i'm placing my money
i wanna make the same impact as cocaine and crack did, what can i say i guess my mom raised me backwards...
I havn't bought any NBA games since live 05, plan on changing that this year now that I got that ps3, Think im going with 2k8 though
2k fan since fan since 96 im gettin both!!!! plus rep Gil arenas for being cover boy!!!
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I've been on LIVE since Genesis (Live 95). So I gotta grab the new LIVE........And a fellow WIZARD made the cover (Agent 0). I'll probably still grab the 2K8 since they got Mike on the cover.
Ive been on 2k since it dropped on the dreamcast, i hate live with a passion but wish gil was on the 2k cover :smh:
2k all day...eventho live isn't that bad compared to the last years but still 2k is much better and EOH is right about makin that change
so 2k has two different covers?

or did someone photoshop MJ on there?
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Why the hell would MJ from '98 -- in a bulls uniform -- be on the FRONT cover of a 2008 game?


Nice PS though.

Game is really decent. But playing on HOF level with the Blazers once Oden gets tired... :smh:

Dream Team of MD/DC/VA - TRUTH hurts, doesn't it?
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I've been a 2k fan since the 1st one dropped on dreamcast. It's always a great game. Kev any time your trying to catch a L swing through on your lunch break.
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i bought live yesterday night...this game is some trash...time for me to go to 2k8
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On PS2 - 2K8 is a better game, since it was designed on current gen technology
On 360 & HD TV - Live is light years ahead of 2K8, makes sense since they started the game from scratch on next gen technology

Haven't played PS3 version so I don't know what that's like. But if you play these games on the latest technology available, Live seems to be the better of the 2 games. Anyone else experienced the same thing?
I disagree.

LIVE is like playing ice capades on the basketball court if you ask me.

I'm into real-like, simulated b-ball. You can't be a heist-box, you gotta run plays. Thus, 2k8 is where I'm at.

Live ain't changed that much bra; if they "started from scratch" I really can't tell.

Dream Team of MD/DC/VA - TRUTH hurts, doesn't it?
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