Official Western Conference Finals Game 5: 5/27 Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Lakers 6:00PM PST ESPN

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Whoever wins this game wins the series imo.

Lakers gotta play for 48 minutes tomorrow and play physical.

Games like this is what they worked hard all season long to have home court advantage for.

Hopefully Pau and Bynum establish themselves inside early and often and get Denvers bigs in trouble..

Hopefully Sasha plays limited minutes and when he does play only shoots 3's when he's open.

Los Angeles

formerly bright nikes
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i see you copy&pasted my title

go lakeshow.

play with some god damn heart for once in your life.
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Agree with everything you said. This game decides it. I think we'll pull it out though by double digits. Then finish it up on the road.

Let's go Lakeshow.

BTW Please show up Lamar.
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Originally Posted by bright nikes

i see you copy&pasted my title

go lakeshow.

play with some god damn heart for once in your life.

yes sir

i'm sure they'll come out with heart and effort tomorrow because its a game they need, but ive been getting tired of that inconsistency because itseventually going to come back and haunt them.

you gotta give denver credit though, they've played a helluva series so far, they've been playing with energy and intensity that the lakers have beenlacking at times. if the lakers come out swinging tomorrow they take this but if they have that relaxed attitude my tv remote might be broken by the time thenights over.
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wheres homie with the purple and gold font spelling out lets go lay kurz so we can all quot em
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Odom better show up
Hopefully Birdman and Kenyon's bet will get himto wake the *@!+ up.
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at Kmart in the locker room

Kmart: Ay Tay you made, you a dirty player now. Welcome


roc boy jada

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As long as the Nuggets play the same way they did in Game 4, by playing great throughout the game and avoiding stupid mistakes down the stretch, they shouldtake lead of the series.
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what is this bet u speak of?
Kmart and Birdman got an ongoing bet that if either of them makes Odom cry, one owes the other a flat screen tv. Birdman goes on to say he'scurrently on Best Buys' website. It was on Birdman's twitter page I believe.
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lakers role players will play better at home

Kobe and Co. will be pissed at the showboating by JR and will be extra motivated to win this game

Lakers by 12
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