Official "When did MJ wear those??" post and FAQs!!

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Also while I'm in here...Overheard a couple of cats arguing about MJ "flossin" the Columbia XI's during a regular season game in the 95'-96' season while I was at a local spot picking up some new sneakers for the little Vegetaray...I didn't get involved since I didn't know either guy but it did get me looking at some old stuff I had when I got home...

While I'm fairly certain he never actually wore them in game (Aside from the All Star Game of course) I can't be 100%...

I'm saying he didn't rock them in game but well...

...He did wear them with the Bulls uni at some point...Even if it was just for a photo shoot of a cardboard cutout of himself...
MJ never wore the Columbia's in a Bulls game.
But he wore them in practice all the time.
He was even wearing the Black/Reds in practice, with white socks nonetheless, way before the playoffs that year.
I have some prints from back then, so I'll have to scan them in.
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nvm, found a pic with him wearing them next to kobe who was wearing crazy 8s. i want the chicago's so i can pair my "bred" 13s with the white and red 13s.
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When did he wear the black toe xivs clearly not in game but I seen him with them on in a picture and wanted to know what the occasion was?
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Appreciate it. Also I narrowed the 17s from that commercial to lightning or those high top blue ones?
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I can't express how much I love this thread. It's a true reminder of why I love these damn shoes so much. With all the BS involved, it's easy to forget sometimes.
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