Official Xbox 360 Thread: Back from the dead! FFXIII bundle w/ extra faceplate pg 2 (3/9/10)

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Alright, the PS3 crew has been doing a better job as of late than the360 crew, HOWEVA. We're back. Tekken 6 has come and gone. I will beupdating this thread later throughout the day, but it should be easierto find now with more frequent updates.

We'll start with a bang...

EXCLUSIVE! Halo Reach Beta Preview

[hr][/hr]Xbox 360 FAQ:
Spoiler [+]
How do I connect my Xbox 360 to the internet?
Check this linkfor a walkthrough...

I've gotten red rings, now what?
You can check this website to register your hardware, and request service on it. You can also check status of your repair.
Or call1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269)

I have Original Xbox games, will they work?

Here is a list ofcompatible games. They do require an update through internet access, or a file burnt to a disc. You can find it from this link.

Link to Original Xbox Threads 1Thread 2
Games on the horizon!
Spoiler [+]
Final Fantasy XIII - 3/9
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition - 3/9
Supreme Commander 2 - 3/16

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction - 4/13
Red Dead Redemption - 4/27
Super Street Fighter IV - 4/27

Halo Reach Beta - 5/3 (ODST Required)
Alan Wake - 5/18
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Also if you want to be added to a list, leave your gamertag. We'll start fresh since the last one considering some people might have newer ones.
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GT: Mr Wes256

there are so many games that I need to get now with Mass Effect 2 being the main one.
I'll end up playing Reach but idk, I'm not much of a Halo fan anymore
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lol so Alan Wake is finally coming out now?
it better be worth the 5 year hype
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Originally Posted by Wale202

Someone needs to "donate" MLB 2K10 to me
You're crazy

I haven't even got mine yet

Too busy at work.
[h2]GameStop lists standalone Xbox 360 250GB hard drive[/h2]
by Alexander Sliwinski { 15 hours ago }

GameStop has listed a 250 GB Xbox 360 hard drivefor sale, priced at $130 and scheduled to release on March 23. Whenreached for comment, Microsoft declined to make a statement by the timeof this posting. Checking with GameStop, the retailer wouldn't confirmthe product either, but did tell us that the page featuring the 250GBdrive "is not an error."

Microsoft had previously stated, like, only two weeks ago, that it planned to keep the larger drives tied to bundles. Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Product Manager Aaron Greenberg also told us at the time, "We're always evaluating." Clearly.
Still too expensive. Come on MS.

Anyone interested in Blur? Here's a link to get into the Beta.
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GT : Eugchkk.

I'm pretty excited for Tom Clancy and SSFIV. I might try out Halo but I can't get into it after playin' the COD series.
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I just wanna get in on the first page of this potentially EPIC thread.

can we still pick up odst and play the beta come may 5th?
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Halo reach  is looking nice, i know ima get some kills with those jet packs. And are those stealth kills replacing assassination's?
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Yes you can still get ODST for the beta. And lmao @ these ps3 turkeys in here
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