Official Xbox Thread - Series S $299 Series X $499 November 10th

Which next gen Xbox will you purchase

  • Xbox Series X

    Votes: 94 81.7%
  • Xbox Series S

    Votes: 18 15.7%
  • Both

    Votes: 3 2.6%

  • Total voters
Joined Aug 10, 2015
With game pass cloud coming out in spring, what’s the point of buying an Xbox now? I’ve been using stadia and it runs great.
Joined Aug 30, 2012
Why? Are there advantages?
The video cards launched this past fall and not readily the high end can spew out high performance 60+ at 4K with Ray Tracing for any game not named Cyberpunk or that MS Flight Simulator.

Cloud is a game changer. You tell them the level of performance and they have data center resources that can render/play it. Obviously the issue there is the pay as you go compute. It can get very expensive. And as stated above, some broadband providers cap the amount of data a customer can produces/use a month. 4K probably needs 100 Mbps and who knows how much data going over the pipe. Right now Google Stadia is the most “mature” solution but Microsoft will probably pull away half way through this generation.


Joined Oct 10, 2018

finally reached prestige master on Cold War. Now I can stop playing this whack game. I’ll grind it again when season 2 comes out with updates ranks.
Joined Dec 25, 2012
Yo I’ve been enjoying tf out of my series x...I usually play multiplayers on Xbox and single players on ps...will be leaning heavily on Xbox this gen
Same here PS5 Controller may have more functionality but the comfort of the XBOX controller is unmatched IMHO.
Joined Aug 25, 2012
That’s exactly why I said that man...the controller is really comfy for single players now I feel like they made it smaller and pushed the sticks closer together
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