Official Xbox Thread - Series S $299 Series X $499 November 10th

Which next gen Xbox will you purchase

  • Xbox Series X

    Votes: 109 83.2%
  • Xbox Series S

    Votes: 18 13.7%
  • Both

    Votes: 4 3.1%

  • Total voters


formerly colombia
Joined Jan 12, 2013
Ah you’re right i had the prices wrong, for sons reason I thought standard game pass was lower than I remembered
Also, do yourselves a favor and gameshare with a trusted friend so you can split the costs for gamepass and any games you both want to buy. Though keep in mind that things like pre-order bonuses are only granted to the account who made the purchase, even though you share that ownership with gameshare.
The agreement I have with my gameshare partner is basically that we split costs 50/50 for gameshare ultimate as well as games and DLC we both want. If one of us wants to buy a game the other isn't really interested in, the other doesn't have to pay anything. They're of course free to give it a try and see if they like it.
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The gameplay they released yesterday for Far Cry 6 looked pretty good. Still trying to see if I want to purchase it since I've never played a Far Cry game before. Maybe wait for it to hit deep discount.
Joined Oct 16, 2010
I was playing FC3 before I got my SX and it was running good but once I got my SX it was choppy and unplayable
Joined Jan 8, 2006
FC3 was great. They became recycled versions of themselves after. Not bad games but 0 innovation to push the series forward.
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Can count on my hand the games that got multiple options for creating a black character.
Joined Jun 29, 2016
$75 for madden 22 on series x. No thanks

eBay got me for $42 shipped from a unopened series x bundle lol.
They had Series X bundles with Madden in them?

Been playing Ultimate Team since it's release, 2K22 is gonna take up a lot of time from that though.
Joined May 10, 2018
They had Series X bundles with Madden in them?

Been playing Ultimate Team since it's release, 2K22 is gonna take up a lot of time from that though.
ya I seen em in last 2 weeks. def a bunch of "best offer" madden 22 on ebay for around $40. they mostly out of those bundles
Joined Jun 29, 2016
SNES>N64>PS2/Xbox>360/PS3>Xbox One>Series X

Always the Nintendo handhelds since Game Boy Color.
Joined Apr 29, 2007
Gameboy > SNES >GBC >PS1> PS2 >GBA> PSP > PS3 > Xb360> PS4 > XB1 > Switch> PS5

I need to call my mom and say thank you I never realized how blessed I have been gaming wise.

I always think damn my kid is lucky to have switch PS4/ Ps5 and Gamepass via tablet but I had a good selection of systems growing up.
Joined Aug 30, 2012
Nintendo>Master System>Genesis>Super Nintendo>PS1>N64>Saturn>Dreamcast>PS2>Xbox>Game Cube>Xbox 360>PS3>Wii>PS4>Xbox One>Switch>PS5>XSX

Think I had a Neo Geo but I sold it. :frown:

Also have a Turbo Duo and Neo Geo Pocket and probably a few Nintendo handhelds.
Joined Mar 30, 2004
I never realized how many consoles I had :lol:. Every Nintendo thru the Wii, every Xbox, and every Gameboy thru the GBA SP. Only Playstation I had was the PS3.

Rocking with the Switch and Series X currently.
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