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Well, I am returning my iD that I had posted some days back, but I am determined to make me a pair of iD, I just hope Nike does a better job next time.  I cant decide on which I like most of the two, both inspired by my Mets.  Which should I go with?

Mets Homes

Mets Aways

edit: To speckle or not to speckle on either?

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Originally Posted by austin066

what we really need is more swoosh borders. black white and yellow isn't cutting it.

No kidding... I really wanted to do a navy blue/red border or something on mine, but black didn't match, yellow didn't match against the gold, and when they had the silver option I thought it would be too distracting.

Ah well, I'm sure in a couple months they'll have a bunch of new colors for people to pick.
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I am loving a lot of these ID's, but I wish the design system showed the true colors of the clear soles, blue's, etc. It seems that a lot of the ID's on here in person look great, but if you design the same shoe on the site it looks to weird, can't bring myself to buy for $165 when they may not look like what they do online.
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Lots of dope ID's
the ones I like the most...

Absolutely love these ones:

Mind if I borrow that design HNT-W-M-N? (if I decide to make pairs)
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^ Be my guest. If people make enough maybe Nike will realize what the CD should've looked like from production.
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Rocked these today, ultra comfy! Still cant bring myself to ball in these just yet.

Still workin on that employee 50 though
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i canx my second order. i would love to make another pair, but w/ the limited color options, it's tough to come up w/ dope "original" design. there are some top notch designs that have been created (mostly by nt'ers...not so much by iss guys)...but like i stated earlier, it's hard to be original when we're limited w/ colors in certain areas.
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^ thats true...i had a $50 gc for nike and i couldnt make a colorway that i HAD to get. So i just settled for some chaos @ niketown
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If they had a purple or yellow midsole, that's all I would need. They really need to add hot/fire pink so I can make my kobeezy again.
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