:::[Offiicial] NFC West Trash Talk Thread Vol. No PEDs:::

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Will be competitive division thats for damn sure. Still see niners on top ( barring any more major injuries )
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This thread gon be good. :lol:

I got no dog in this fight but the 9ers better be squeaky clean the way Harbough has been talking.
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I'd like to know why we don't hear any of the "its only been one season" type of talk about the Seahawks. After Harbaugh's first season all we read on NT was how the 49ers will never be able to repeat the success they had in Harbaugh's first year. Why none of this about Seattle? Its as if they have already arrived and its a foregone conclusion that they'll be in the mix of superbowl teams. Why isnt NT treating the Seahawks with the same level of respect as it treated the Niners after 2011?

The Seahawks have yet to prove they can win on the road. I mean, they lost road games last year to powerhouse teams like the Rams, Dolphins, Lions and Cardinals last season. This coming season, they have to play the Colts, Panthers, Texans, Falcons and Giants on the road. Their schedule alone should at least raise some questions about whether or not that team can repeat the success from last season. Yet, you dont hear any questioning. Just weird to me.
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Must suck to be in the same division as one of, if not, the most talented team in the league. Young squad, great defense. Not a good look for opponents of the NFC West or even the NFL for that matter. :D

Maybe one of y'all will be fortunate enough to get a wild card spot. You already know Chete Carroll is providing his squad (who havent already been caught) with those PED's.

I honestly think the Rams will surprise people this year though.
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:lol: Yall already scared
Scared? :lol:

Just because the Seahawks are single handedly keeping the PED black market thriving, doesn't mean anybody is scared.

The Seahawks are good at home, but let's not forget that the Seahawks were 4-6 (incl. playoffs) on the road last year. Real dominant :rolleyes
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Troll thread in disguise. Lock it it before it turns into a mess.
Dont be so sensitive, this isn't a troll thread. The Niner/Seahawks trash talk goes back and forth in the other threads so now we can keep it in here just like the NFC North thread. I'm sure dmxfury will be cool with this since I noticed he's been annoyed by the trash talk spilling over to other threads.


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Troll thread in disguise. Lock it it before it turns into a mess.
They'll keep it open. It's like a troll ghost trap for the mods 

This should be fun though 

Might as well just change the title to Seahawks/Niners trash talk thread.

We're going to be the only ones in here 
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This is like when Biff took Marty's sports almanac idea. :frown:
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