Oh how these people warm my heart!

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That should be illegal to do.....protesting is one thing but being all up in his face should not be tolerated....I should follow these #*$+% around tauntingall they do wrong...all up in their face while they are eating, like your 8 year old nephew on some "I am not touching you"....

I dont not (yeah I typed dont not) agree with them on some level, but for god sake lady shut your pie hole and fix your face Beastly McBeastovich
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Thats weird. I would think something like the Correspondents' Dinner would have more security than that. The women was able to follow the former Secretaryof Defense all the way down the steps before being taken up. With the number of big celebrities they had at this place I wouldn't think you would even beable to make it inside.
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Originally Posted by omgitswes

props to him for keeping his cool
Cosign. That just shows how ignorant people can be. That video really made me salty
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