Oh I'm sorry, Did I Break Your Conversation........Well Allow Me A Movie Thread by S&T

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Tom Hanks is the captain again?! Jk but this movie looks perfect for the holiday season. With theaters reopening I'll prob try and catch this one as it appears to have a high production value.


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coming to america for 125mil. i wonder how those deals work for streaming services. subscriptions doesnt really equate to movie views but oh well. easier for me to see it
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S2 of Fargo is amazing. Hadn't watched since it's TV run so I forgot a lot. Great cast. How is S4 thus far (without spoilers)?

Also Jeff Donovan did pretty good for himself

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Just want to say that man Colm Meaney is a great character actor.

The range is quite varied even when he's sort of typecast in scumbag roles.

Never would've thought watching Star Trek that Chief O'Brien would end up that prominent.

I recently caught 4 episodes of Gangs of London where he's mostly in flashbacks as the kingpin of the underworld along with his crime family and then just now I caught this Law & Order episode where he's playing the head/prophet of this Mormon cult with mad wives trying to get one that ran away.

So good.
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