Ohhhh So You Thought You Were Doing It [We Don't Sail On Yachts We Sail On Islands]**Pics**

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Forthose rich enough to have debated between buying both an island and ayacht, the good news is the need to choose may no longer be necessary.

At the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show last week, design plans were unveiled for a so-called "moving island" yacht called the WHY 58x38. Price tag: $160 million.

The boat's specifications are impressive - at 190 feet long, guest areas reach 36,000 square feet. The three floors havespace for 12 guests and 20 crew members, and the boat features a426-feet long promenade, a spa, a library, a 'beach,' an 82-meterswimming pool, and a helipad.

The ship is a collaboration between Monaco-based yacht brand Wallyand Parisian fashion empire Hermès, hence the "W" and "H" of the WHY.The boat is designed to be environmentally friendly, using far lessfuel that other yachts of a similar size, in part thanks to wide use ofsolar panels on the ship.

On the promotional website for the ship, Wally's president Luca Bassani Antivari writes"Everybody's dream is to live on an island, in complete freedom,without constraint, with the independence that only self-sufficiencycan provide."

Pierre-Alexis Dumas, creative director, of Hermes also manages toavoid hyperbole, writing, "From the invention of the compass to blockcapitals, from the rudder to the first steps on the moon, man discoversand pursues his dreams."

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Sick. I'd be worried about holes in the ship/leaks/bad weather though, would definitely need to place this in a nice tropical area close to land.
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Originally Posted by KMun44

ay carumba...you could easily get to second base with that thing

I heard first base is an*l when you own one of these.
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Originally Posted by NostrandAve68

Originally Posted by nawlinsjunkie

man its depressing knowing you can never get @#$% like this in your life...
Don't short yaself b... but I feel ya
trust me im not
i definitely got ambitions to make good money, but i doubt i can afford 160 mil for a yacht
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It isn't lavish and grand enough for me.

You sail on islands, I sail on countries. Just wait til Cuba start moving.
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Originally Posted by RaYCaSH

panty dropper, then telling em "hope u can swim" after u kick em out lmao
Kick birds off the island on some Survivor type ---  have them going back to shore on life rafts
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You know its almost impossible to achieve when only a billionaire could buy one of these
But then you wouldn't want to own one...
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