OLD new eras, STARTER caps? anywhere to cop around ny/nj?

Here in Brooklyn...this one store called "central sports" used to have a bunch of old hats. Not sure if they still do (I was last there about half a year ago). But they're on KingsHighway and East 15th street if you're interested.
Street vendors on Broadway in Soho. There's one dude right by Uniqlo and then one dude right by Best Buy just above Houston. Good selection. $10 a hat.
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How old do these new eras have to be?

I know a spot that still sells NFL custom colored new eras. My boy went there to cop a Falcons pinwheel there a short time ago.
But it's only the internet, so just relax...
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What the hell are you doing?! If you just die here alone as you please, what are the ones you leave behind supposed to do?!
Son i got a spot. Just let me know what your lookin for
Now the question is is to have had and lost Better than not having at all?
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