OMG! where is Brad Childress? Is he is in Minnesota is he in Mississippi? VOL ESPN STOP JUST STOP!

May 8, 2006
Did they made dinner last night?

Just showed a reporter outisde of his house

I know its there job to cover the story but JESUS a little less coverage would be nice

ESPN hasn't hyped someting this worthless this much in awhile
did anyone else see the ESPN poll "Where do you want to see Brett Favre this summer"
it was like

A) Fishing in the Mississippi
B) Playing for the Vikings
can't remember C and D.

i mean, come on. i swear ESPN is making up these "rumors" just so they have something to talk about.

the NBA playoffs are in full swing, and this is what ESPN chooses to talk about. ridiculous. and it's not just Sportscenter, or whatever. Mike & Mikeand all the other ******s on ESPN radio (with the exception of Tirico and Van Pelt) were talking about this ad nauseum. pretty much every ESPN media outlet isgarbage.
Frank Caliendo should make some pretty damn good Madden material from this
I hope Brett Favre does come back and on the first snap he takes he gets a career ending hit.
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