Once a good girl has gone bad...

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I'm sure she can be saved. But you're out of your mind if you think I'm about to invest my time trying to save her. Too many women out there to try and save 1 that went bad


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"When I’m done with bad #%@@*+% I’m coming straight to you... a good girl! - Drake
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i always thought that quote had more to deal with your perception of the girl than anything. if you got that perfect image of a girl and she goes bad, you might not look at her the same no matter what she does to redeem herself.

its like a broken vase. yeah you can glue it back together, but if youre the type thats gonna focus on the cracks.. its better to just keep it moving.
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dont even matter to me anymore if they aint gone bad im tryn to make em. what did the five fingers say to the face?
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nope, never... funny cause it's always a dudes fault too.. either he broke her heart or set her out

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I think you dudes are too young to understand that people can change.

I don't think its really a question if a bad girl can return to good, I think it's moreso if we as men are capable of seeing past the bad, tearing down the barrier we've setup and accepting them.

I think that its a popular belief that has been perpetuated by music, t.v., the internetz, and even inside our own families that we've seen or heard of a good girl gone bad and she stays that way...BUT to group all women into this popular category of good girls gone bad are gone forever is not the way to look at it.

In all honesty I got an ex right now that still hits me up and tries to get back with me, and it may be true that she's reformed her ways and is good now, but i'm not gonna travel that road with her despite how much she tries, and I do feel bad about not giving her a 2nd chance because I can see how much she's trying but i'm like the gates of heaven...once you leave you can never return to paradise.

In the end its all a vicious cycle...a girl/guy has either seen/heard/or witnessed how people can %$%% others over so they change themselves to become hardened, setup a defense barrier, act indifferent and become a bad boy/girl which in turn affects another guy/girl and the cycle continues.

people need to start making strides to break that cycle.
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If your a young dude don't make a mistake of trying to change a @!$
Some might even play the victim, snap out of it before it becomes a nightmare

If she's in her 30's and settled down from her whorish ways then she can easily find someone new just make sure to keep the past in the past.


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There's this funny thing about people - they make judgments and stereotypes instantly. You're grouped into a category before you even open your mouth. Sometimes you can change that image; others it's the person who won't let reality match perception.

Add the magnitude of a relationship - the trust, honesty, respect, and love that's needed to make it work. Not only is that person grouping you into a category, it may or may not be a category of one - possible spouse material. The first few months, there is that "feeling out" phase to make certain you want to spend time with this person, and give of yourself for the benefit of the relationship. After this, complacency may grasp the relationship by the horns. The person may be good enough to keep as bf/gf material, but you've already determined that some of their ways make cohabitation unbearable, if at all possible. Children and/or marriage may ensue.

All of a sudden he or she cheats on you or does something equally base or heinous. Now the category in which you group them is of one (hopefully), and not of the good kind. Then all of those times they stepped over the line that you suppressed suddenly becomes oh so apparent.

Self-blame creeps in and you no longer want anything to do with that person, forget the possibility of marriage or of them ever changing. They blew it and you've grouped them in said category indefinitely.

Then slowly but surely all of the good times you had together start to make its way to the surface. They may even start looking favorable in your eyes again. But it's too late. The damage is done.

And you never truly take them out of that category of cheater or whatever, because that break up was one of the highlights of your life. You'll never forget it.

They may change. You'll still see them the same.
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