Once and for all, who currently is the worst pro franchise to be a fan of?

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I'm starting to think the WORST pro franchise to be a fan of at the moment is the KC Royals

This franchise has not MADE the playoffs since 1985.

Every new year you basically know what you are getting. They have one season above .500 since 1993. They only have one player (Brett) wearing their cap in the HOF. Last year they only won 65 games and who knows what will happen this year (they are starting to finally get a pitching rotation though...Greinke
). They've let go countless players this decade for basically nothing including Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye, Carlos Beltran, etc.

Honorable mention to the Pirates, Clippers, Lions, etc.

No one year wonders, etc. We're talking worthless franchises with the history to prove that they should basically be giving their fans tickets for free at this point as a thank you.


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Pirates. Haven't made the postseason since 1992, they're usually out of a pennant race by late May/early June, the ownershop there is like a revolving door, they've got a beautiful ballpark though...

The Warriors too. Great fanbase, but the owner Chris Cohan is a joke.
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2 of the teams mentioned so far have made the playoffs in the past 10 years. 
  They are not the worst pro franchise.

The Royals are certainly up there.  Theyre top 3 with a great shot at 1.
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The Pirates are a joke. I would feel bad for Pittsburghians except for the fact that they have the Steelers and the Pens to watch.
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Agreed, Raiders are pathetic but they have a recent run their fans got to experience.

Clippers are obviously beyond a joke but the fact that they are in LA and always seem to be in at least the discussion for FA's to go there plus have made the playoffs four times since 1992 does not put them ahead of KC for me. I would rather follow the Clips than the Royals. But that's just me. Obviously I am hip to their curses.

Pirates are the obvious other choice too (no playoffs since 1992) but again they have at least some history. Their current state is HORRID though. But KC hasnt even sniffed the playoffs since '85
  Twenty Five years and counting.
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MLB needs to dissolve the Royals organization and spread it's players around the majors. The Pirates have too much of a history to be dissolved, but they should be relocated to a market that will spend money to make them competitive.
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It isn't the Pirates for three reasons

1 They do have a good history regardless of last 18 years
2 the expectations are never high so you don't really care when it is another bad year. Your heart is never ripped out because you know what to expect
3 PNC Park with the cheaper beer in MLB = not a bad day going to a game

Honestly it would be worse to be a Cubs or Eagles fan or something like that where you have hope and really get into the season only to end in failure
every year

Remember this post isn't worst franchise but worst to be a fan of


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Every team mentioned in here pales in comparison to the Royals.

Clippers were in the playoffs a couple years back with Cassell/Brand, Pirates were in there in 1993 (Royals last was 85), Raiders were in the Super Bowl in 2002, etc.

The only team I can maybe consider other than the Royals is the Lions. However, the Royals take this without much effort.
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Originally Posted by DARTH DNZY

Originally Posted by iceNcream


--First one that came to my mind.

--Poor Clippers fans.
yeah the clippers are pretty bad.. but i think the warriors have taken over as the worst nba franchise.
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Lions would be tough, still amazing they never made the big game once back in the 90s with those teams
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No one has mentioned the cubs yet? Haven't won the world series since 1908. I know were always putting together decent teams year in and out but over 100+ years without a title is the longest of any team any sport
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NOT a fan, but how bout the cubs??? having not won a world series since 1908.............OUCH
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