One of the Most Disturbing Movies I've Seen ...

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It's not as gruesome as A Serbian Film or any of these other movies but Unthinkable, which is a great film in it's own right, has some really messed up torture scenes.

Samuel L. Jackson goes to work in this.
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I have zero interest in watching these films but I'm always fascinated in people's reaction of them. I'm always recommending titles to people that enjoy this "genre" but based on other things I've heard. Dude at work swears Serbian Film is head end shoulders the most disturbing movie ever, and he's a hard core movie buff.
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serbian film sucks though. its just unwatchable. terrible story. things were just done for shock value.

the room though, now thats shocking
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The entire concept of "Dogtooth" is pretty messed up. Worth checking out if you're a fan of the types of movies listed in here.


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Rosemary's Baby is such a good movie. A staple in horror.

I was taught in school that a good horror movie would not have a jumpscare in any of its trailers. It ruins it. Last horror that I've seen follow that rule was Crimson Peak by lGuillermo Del Toro
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Crazy how a piece of art can change you. Seeing some of this stuff can scoop the innocence and humanity out of a person. I mainly just read the synopsis and end up with an empty feeling, just knowing what type of things will take place.
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I was on vacation and some movie was playing where a couple was punching each other. Guy was beating her but it was some fetish crap. Idk if she was bleeding but it wasn’t no porn and I changed the channel what kinda bs is this !
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Im desensitized to everything after years of watching live leak and beheadings and explosions and what not, but as far as movies go, yeah A Serbian Film is pretty disturbing. Newborn Pron
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I don't think I've been disturbed by a movie since seeing some of those cartel and ISIS videos.

Seeing someone actually murdered on camera is a whole different level of disturbing compared to the manufactured violence in cinema.
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Just watched Terrifier on Netflix and this part was kinda disturbing

The part where he puts on the girls scalp and body and walks around all weird lol
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Yeah this Megan is Missing movie/re-enactment was def one of the most disturbing films because this happens quite a lot.

The last like 10-30 minutes was disturbing and it makes you think twice about a lot of things if your a young female or you have daughters.
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