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That's definitely not a rat. You think a rat is crawling through sewers and piles of garbage and looks like that? NYC rats stay in subways and trash cans so their bodies are black and covered in dirt/dust. Plus, rats have skinny tails regardless of how big they get and that tail looks pretty thick
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Originally Posted by RavageBX

My God, look at your mans foot though. The damn rat is like a size 3y

yea that looks like a opossum, only heard about them in brooklyn tho. Never actually seen one til I moved to florida.

but we got rats that chase cats and s#!+, The Bronx>>


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I don't know about ya but if I had to pick between a rat this size or a 5inch roach, I'll take the rat gladly...I'd house it, feed it and show it off to my friends....I HATEEEEE ROACHES!
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