Online surveys that pay?

Joined Feb 17, 2009
I heard theres several place to go and do these, but i dont know where or how. Any one any legit ones?
Joined Oct 23, 2008
My girl went to one like a year ago. She got paid $75 for like an hour or two
Joined Jul 31, 2008
I think it was slickdeals that has a survey forum where they post a heads up on places that pay up. Some of them were $100+ for 2 days worth or something.
Joined Jan 4, 2011
not really worth it if your the slightest bit impatient.. sum surveys were like 30 pages long.. the ones I did you couldnt save ur answers so you had to complete whole thing in 1 sitting.. took forever to get money. Been a long time since I did a few so things could have changed.
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