Only two more years left of 30 Rock?

Joined Nov 14, 2003
If anybody caught the season finale, it was repeatedly mentioned that "TGS with Tracy Morgan" has only two years left.
I hope I'm just reading too much into it because this is the best comedy show on the telly right now.
Joined Oct 9, 2008
No I dont think it'll end that soon. Tina Fey said 'TGS has two years left. Tops.' So I dont think 30 Rock is over in 2 seasons, just some randomline like usual.

best line of the show was "I dont know why I only go twice a week, thats what Angie should be worried about!"
Joined May 3, 2007
stuff like that is usually not random. anyone who was into Arrested Development knows that sometimes it's done on purpose for example Fox cut season 2 downto 22 episodes down from 22 so they parodied that and on the show the Bluth company had a housing order cut from 24 to 22, but someone suggested they shouldmove their office down a story (move the show down a timeslot) and rent the top floor (get a show with higher ratings at the primetime slot they were in) andeverything will work out fine.

read 30 Rock message boards, I guarantee there's a backstory to the 2 year thing.
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