Opening a website. Need help. Best options as far as hosting, etc.??

Joined Dec 18, 2008
So I'm opening up a website selling vintage nyc memorabilia.  I have a domain name picked out and it is available according to Godaddy.  I was just curious as to whats the best hosting services, domain provider, etc.
I pretty much need help opening up the website.  I'm pretty good with this stuff but still dont understand it enough to get the site up soon enough. I have a merchant account and I need to have the site up and running with a few items for sale within a week or so to be approved for the merchant account.  You would need to help design the site and integrate a checkout system.

Any people here in nyc preferably that can help me set it up and get it running I can pay you in sneakers(sz.11) or cash of course.  I put a ad up on CL and got over 50 replies in 10 hours and its too overwhelming to search for the best candidate so I decided to turn to NT instead.  Any help would be appreciated at all,  thanks
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