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Jun 26, 2002
Apparently this video's budget was the highest in canadian history in the millions, I don't know what lies this dude is talking and I'll say it again how the HELL he get Drama in the video.

Link: Belly Featuring Ginuwine - "Pressure" (VIDEO) :lol:
Big Apple.

@ pausing kanye's "throw some d's" to watch this garbage

real talk, we've had a couple of his tracks floating around the university radio station.

he has some notable artists on his album. from what i can remember he has scarface, fabolous, and massari on his joint. :\
Team Saugaour streets is clean
Damn, Little X (co-director w/ RT) doing what Hype Williams did 10 years ago. :smh:
..! ..
I think he's aite...video certainly doesn't look like its a million bucks tho Q...although I watched something on BET or MTV canada about the behind the scenes thing and they was braggin on the price tag

As a canadian hip of thing...I think he got it done nicely...remember the 1st time I heard it on the radio I thought it was some new US joint with R.Kelly on the hook (big complements)...

Speakin of Hype Williams...his MOVIE "belly" is a must watch for you OG heads...n the soundtrack was smokin'

^massari?! aint that arabic for "shawn desmond"?
nas an dmx movie? SICK movie and watch new jack city if you havent already done so

anyways belly (rapper) is overall not great but he has a decent line once in awhile. i wouldnt call rush the floor hip hop but its catchy after awhile.... "now i got you on the floor like spike at a knick game"
hes ok, smart move gettin genuine considerin hes a recognizable name
side note: anyone ever listen to a tape big mike put out with someone named sin from toronto, came out like summer 06...
honestly only reason dude gets play is because he's in canada and due to CRTC regulations

its not that he's horrible, just devoid of anything that sets him apart as something special

I cant really take Canadian rappers (and most American rappers) seriously when they are talkin bout Lambos and Phantoms and Yachts...

You can kinda just look at the dude(s) and see they frontin.. Meh, thats just my opinion.. But to play devils advocate, a lot of these dudes have money (not from Rappin obviously) and money buys good cameos (Just ask Massari)..

If Much Music/MTV Canada is looking for more CanCon (Canadian Content for those who arent down with the lingo) they can just crack open the vaults and run some old Sauks, Marvel, Kardi, Choclair (21 yrs/What it Takes).. Even the older Rascalz stuff.. Or just keep running the K-Os "Seekwill".. We see you Q!! :wow:
My dude Dan-e-o needs to come back and save the Canadian Hip Hop scene, word to Rap Essentials vol 1 and 2.
Last time I saw Dan-e-o he was lining up to get into a Nas Concert @ Kool Haus.

I coulda sworn he dropped an independant album last year.
Dan-e-o supposedly retired from rap and as for Belly,

simply put he is from Ottawa he's got money behind him, as in comes from a good background but he's surburban thuggin it to the top ala means of payola, same way Massari got loon on a track, these dudes got money behind them and they will buy any feature they can to make themselves appear in demand. I'm not knocking dude but it is what it is, he's buying his way into the industry and to a certain extent it's working cuz let's keep it real having an American feature is like instant cred it says you have the respect to reach a higher playing field so judge for yourself is he good or does he wanna appear to be...
And now back to business


looking for olive V's sz 9
hes sooooofffffft

mainly in his belly lol

must have spent all that money on booking hollywood hulk hogan for his video
belly sucks just cause you got money dont mean you can rap
but have to give it to him the video does look pricey[/font]
I dont Dislike like it

None of this is surprising really...he's the hip hop equivalent of Fall Out Boy - nothing new here.

The video is also mind numbingly regular and GR. Lets see:

Expensive Cars (s) on aftermarket rims, check
Club, check
strippers, check
hipnotiq, check
clothing name you may or may not have heard of (point is you know what it is), check
blacklight and white clothing, check
dancing in the cut, check
utilizing the words: chedda, mil, bread, bub, crew, chcheck
medallion, check
Yankees hat/logo, check
LV and or gucci logos, check
reference to the ease with which one is able to copulate with many females, check
something dripping, check
Girl putting something in her mouth with shiny lips, check
Listing car models and various upgrades to each, check
slo-mo boobs, check
unexpected cameo, check
cut to gangsta scene to confirm 'realness', check
reference to home and why you own it, check
confirmation of 'hardness' with 'crew' 'muggin', check

This is too easy fellas. Check any other sort of video around...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the same. nothing new. just biting. All of this is fine of course, people like it.

I would just expect someone with 'mad backing, yo' to do something a little more relevant and, um, creative perhaps. K-Os has more creativity in one dread than Chubs has in his Bell-ay.
I just put his video on mute and look at all the purty girls ahahhahahahha then again theyre on massari's videos too..then again..now that I think of it all the girls are the same in damn near every canadian video..
Mcpoet basically summed up mainly what I've always been thinking.
Not feelin this guys music at all.

and supposedly theres talks for Belly 2... I hope it pulls through.
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