Optimum No Rinse Car Wash

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i've never heard of this. seems like it might be too much work though (kinda skimmed thru the vid because im at work)
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I use it and its coool. Definitely saves water ( a lot Id say).

I basically fill two buckets with water.
Pour a cap full of the Optimum in one bucket.
Use whatever you wash cars with.
When it gets dirty, dump it in the second bucket of clean water and wash off the dirt.
Soak it in the first bucket with the cleaner.
Wash the car again.

I was the car section by section and dry it immediately after it's clean.
When second buckets get really dirty, I dump it and refill with clean water.

Ill admit, it does feel like a longer process than the usual car washing, but thats probably because I take my time doing things.

I didnt watch the video at first, but skimming through it just now, thats pretty much what I do.
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